Moye Bien is a premier photo and video production company specializing in executing innovative visual content. Leveraging our deep understanding of both creative and execution, as well as advancements in AI for content production and casting, we empower brands to forge strong connections with their audiences as well as stay at the forefront of the tech revolution. Our comprehensive services encompass a mixture of creative concept development, high-quality photo and video production and the integration of AI to assist brands with volume and budgets, resulting in seamless content integration across multiple platforms.


Apple, America’s Next Top Model, Amy Troost, Barefoot, Ben Watts, Beverly Beach by Dorit, Bruno Mars, Boy George, Christine Hahn, Christy Dawn, Cressi AI, Davis Factor, Dennis Leupold, Estee Lauder Companies, Grey Goose, HSBC, IBM, Levi’s, Nadav Kandar, Nvidia, OWN, RJReynolds, Rolex, RJReynolds, Saint Laurent, Smashbox, Smirnoff, SXSW – Coldplay, Tommy Hilfiger, UNILEVER, Vegamour, Walmart


We have extensive experience producing high-quality content for all photo and video assets across all media platforms. Proven success producing the creation of large- scale campaigns in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and tech industries, while building brand engagement and creating engaging storytelling on a global scale. The goal is to deliver content that not only meets your brand’s objectives but also exceeds your expectations.