About Me

Erin Moye, Moye Bien

In 2010, Erin Moye founded Moye Bien to navigate the evolving realms of advertising, editorial, digital/e-commerce, and social content creation, with a recent focus on AI development and content creation. Erin believes in the power of positive energy to drive exceptional work. She fosters joy and camaraderie within her teams, recognizing these as key to achieving extraordinary results.

Erin has honed her skills in the fast-paced environments of Los Angeles and New York, balancing productivity and efficiency while maintaining the core values of the brands she collaborates with. Her dual expertise in both creative and production domains allows her to seamlessly blend creativity and execution, ensuring smooth operations and exceptional outcomes.

Erin’s journey reflects her passion for her craft, dedication to a positive work environment, and commitment to creative excellence. She inspires others to embrace their unique creative paths and leaves a lasting impact on those she mentors.